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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Age requirement?

To join you need to agree to the Terms & Conditions and be at least 18 years old or above.


2. Can I use cryptocurrencies to play at K9WiN?

Yes, our online casino Australia real money supports several types of different cryptocurrencies with which you can make deposits and withdraw money. You can use crypto to play on our website DEPOSIT / Withdraw with crypto are instant.

3. How i can be certain that the games are fair?

At K9Win We have A provably fair is an algorithm that checks and verifies an online casino's fairnesstowards its players. lt relinquishes the fear of most players that online gambling sites will rip them off.

4. Is it safe to play in the best online casino in Australia?

Yes, all data of our players is strongly protected by specially developed encryption methods. Even if someone intercepts your data – they won’t be able to “read” it, since all sent and delivered virtual packages over the network will have strong encryption. To “crack” such encryption, hackers will need 10 000 years even if they’ll use super-computers.

5. Forget username or password?

Customers can retrieve usernames by contacting us on WhatsApp/telegram or LiveChat. If a member wishes to retrieve a password, log in to our website, on the right blank, there's a forget password function, click and fill in particular details, and the password will reset and be sent to your registered email.

6. What is the maximum bet amount of K9WiN?

Each sport and betting products have its own maximum stake and this amount may increase or decrease depending on the bet's pool size and the time the bet was placed. It is advisable to refer to the MAX stake on the mini-bet list shown on the left-hand frame by clicking on the odds whenever you want to place a bet.

7. What is the minimum bet amount of K9WiN?

The minimum bet amount is one unit of the currency you opened your account in, depending on the games and table you choose.

8. How long does it take for bets to be settled?

LIVE CASINO INSTANT / Sports As soon as provider Side SETTLE THE TICKETS.

9. How long does it take for withdrawal?

During bank working hours, it takes between 3-10 minutes to process withdrawals.


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